Medical Staff Voice – January 14, 2019

JW Moore Tuesday CME Conference – Pediatric Status Epilepticus”

Jesse Wyatt, M.D., Pediatric Critical Care Physician, Ventura County Medical Center, will present a lecture on “Pediatric Status Epilepticus”.  He will 1) Break down the core principles in the treatment of pediatric status epilepticus and its varied presentations, 2) Assess need for PICU referral, 3) Analyze initial treatment modalities for Status Epilepticus, and 4) Evaluate treatment of Refractory Status Epilepticus.

The conference will take place on Tuesday, January 15, 2019, at noon, in Nichols Auditorium. Lunch will be provided and Category 1 & 1-A CME will be available.  If you would like to view this lecture online, please contact the CME Coordinator, Christeva Vazquez at or 805-948-5638 to be added to the webinar list.

Medical Staff – Chain of Command

Every member of the Medical Staff, with the exception of Outpatient and Affiliate Staff status, has an alternate covering physician as a requirement of Medical Staff membership. For Hospital Staff, the alternate covering physician identified is available by viewing the E-Priv portal on the CMHS Intranet.  If the patient’s physician does not answer in a timely fashion, then their colleague on call should be reached through their answering service.  If, after a reasonable time interval, the required response is not achieved, then the Chair of the physician’s respective department should be called.  The departments are Ob/Gyn, Surgery, Medicine, Family Medicine, Anesthesia and Pediatrics.  If for any reason, the Chair feels that the next level of involvement is necessary or preferable, the Chair or an Administrative VP may bring it to the next level; the Chief of Staff.

The Chain of Command can also be used for concerns about physician conduct or questions about the medical or surgical standard of care.

At any time, the Chief Medical Officer can be contacted to assist Staff in working through the chain of command.

Elected Medical Staff Leaders:

  • Jeff Brackett, M.D. – Chief of Staff
  • Debby Carlson, M.D. – Chief of Staff Elect
  • Lamar Bushnell, M.D. – Past Chief of Staff
  • Chris Johnson, M.D. – Secretary-Treasurer

Department Chairs:

  • Ali Esmaili, M.D. – Medicine (including Divisions of Radiology, Emergency, Cardiology, Inpatient)
  • Jason Hofer, M.D. – Surgery (including Division of Orthopedics)
  • David Crownover, M.D. – Ob/Gyn
  • Ali Shuman, M.D. – Pediatrics
  • Margaret Peterson, M.D. – Family Medicine (including CMHS Outpatient Division)
  • Thomas Cummings, M.D. – Anesthesia
  • Stanley Frochtzwajg, M.D. – Chief Medical Officer (Hospital Administration)

MIPS 2019 Learning Session, Saturday, January 19th, 9 – 11 am, CMH 8th Floor, Mountain Tower Nichols Auditorium

For: Ventura County Physicians

From: The Accountable Care Alliance of Ventura (ACAV) in partnership with The Ventura County Medical Association

Confused and overwhelmed by CMS MIPS reporting requirements? You are not alone and there is the help to guide you.

Please join us for this MIPS Learning Session presented by the CMS Quality Improvement Organization, Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG).

Topics covered in the presentation will include:

  1. A Review of 2018 Quality Reporting Requirements
  2. An Overview of MIPS 2019:
    1. What are the requirements
    2. How each requirement should be met
  3. Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG) Resources and How to Access Them

HSAG representatives will be available following the presentation and Q&A to address your specific questions and collect your contact information for ongoing support.

This program is paid for by CMS and is free to you2 CME credits will be offered

HSAG services are for practices that are trying to decide what the benefits of different methods of MIPs reporting are and to provide technical assistance for MACRA/MIPs QPP programs.  Click on the link for additional information on HSAG and their support options: Quality Payment Program Website.

Please RSVP to Bonnie Subira, MSW, ACAV Manager,

2018/19 Flu Season Update

An estimated 6 million to 7 million people have been sick with influenza so far this winter, and as many as 84,000 may have had to be hospitalized for the illness, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday.
Last season was one of the worst on record. The CDC estimated that nearly 80,000 people died from the flu in 2017-2018, which was classified as a high severity season.

An unvaccinated 4-year-old is the first pediatric influenza-related death in Riverside County since the flu season began in October, officials announced Wednesday.

New Prescription Form Requirements Effective January 1, 2019

Please click the link below to view important information regarding a new law, AB 1753 (Low, Chapter 479), which becomes effective on January 1, 2019. This bill includes a new requirement for controlled substance security prescription forms to include a unique serialized number in a format approved by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

A prescription vendor resource endorsed by CMA, offering a CMA member discount for ordering new forms:

Insurers Kept $9.1 Billion in Medicare Dollars Over Decade: WSJ

According to a Wall Street Journal investigation, private insurance companies kept $9.1 billion more in taxpayer funds than they would have if estimates for providing prescription-drug benefits to Medicare beneficiaries had been accurate from 2006 to 2015. Citing Medicare data, the WSJ states that due to arcane payment rules that the incorrect estimates have led to more revenue for health insurers. Part D providers submit bids, or estimates, on how much it will cost them to provide drug benefits, CMS then uses these bids to determine monthly payments to each of the plans. However, if the insurer overestimates the actual costs, they can keep some of the extra funds it received leading often times to profits. For example, in 2015, insurers overestimated costs by about $2.2 billion and kept about $1.06 billion of it after paying back $1.1 billion to CMS. Providers such as CVS Health, UnitedHealth Group, and Humana, among others, who benefited state that this is largely due to “unpredictable drug pricing.” To read the full WSJ article, click here.

CMH Weekly Medical Staff Calendar – January 14 – 18

12:00 pm JWM Education Conf – NA

4:30 pm Anesthesia Cmte -BR
12:00 pm General CA Conf – BR12:00 pm Radiology Division – NA (front)
12:15 pm OB/GYN Dept – NA (back)
5:30 pm Disaster Preparedness Committee - BR

OVCH Weekly Medical Staff Calendar – January 14 – 18

Medicine Department
P.I. Patient Safety Committee

Final Thoughts

“To live happily is an inward power of the soul.”
– Marcus Aurelius

Keep the faith,

Stan Frochtzwajg, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer
Community Memorial Health System – Medical Staff Voice Blog link

Tracey Shoop – Physician Liaison – & (805) 490-3860
Megan O’Neill – Business Development Manager – & (805) 207-8216
Medical Staff Office – (805) 948-5662

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