Watch the Ethics of Eating Video


Moderated by:
Jim Hornstein, M.D. – Chair, CMHS Bioethics Committee

What is a Gluten? A GMO? A Trans Fat? Understanding the Lingo
Karen Kiefer, RD – CMHS Director of Food & Nutrition

The Good, the Bad, and the Controversies
Greg Cauchon, Ph.D. – Agri Scientist, Director, Ventura BioCenter

Food Fights: Do Our Choices Really Matter?
David Alvarez, RD, M.S. – Supervising Health Educator, Kaiser Permanente

When Food Becomes Disease: A Physician’s View of Diabetes, Obesity and Disease of Eating
Tricia Westhoff-Pankratz, M.D. – Endocrinologist

In case you Missed the Ethics in Healthcare Gluten & Red Meat & GMO’s: Oh My! Event – Watch it on Video

Gluten & Red Meat & GMO’s: Oh My!

When did eating become so complicated? In the old days, you could walk into your favorite restaurant and order a hamburger, fries and soda, and then sit back and enjoy. Today, no way! Why is that? Because today, you ought to ask yourself:

  • Should you eat the red meat because it’s associated with heart disease, stroke and cancer?
  • Should you eat the bun because there’s gluten in it?
  • Should you drink the soda because excess sugar leads to diabetes, and if it’s a diet soda, are you being harmed by the artificial sweeteners?
  • Should you be concerned about possible GMO’s in every part of this meal?

What should a normal person do? Eat air? Watch a discussion about many of the controversies surrounding the food we buy and the way we eat. Since we all need to eat, who knows, this video may just save your life! Bon Appetit!


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