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Your heart health is important. That is why our Community Memorial Hospital Heart and Vascular Program offers free, online cardiovascular risk assessments. Each HEALTHaware Cardiovascular assessment includes a quick, 7-minute questionnaire that is designed to determine your risk factors for developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, as well as your potential risk for various weight disorders.

If your assessment results in positive risk factors, you will be eligible to have a free consultation with a Nurse Practitioner. At thattime it will be determined if further analysis is required. You may be asked to have afasting cholesterol/glucose panel, electrocardiogram, your blood pressure will be monitored, your Body Mass Index will be reviewed, and blood oxygen levels may be tested. All of these results will be discussed and assessed.

In addition, Community Memorial Health System has many free classes to help you reach your best cardiac health and assist in creating an optimal quality of life.

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