Dr. Ishu Rao and Dr. Dominic Tedesco Honored

Dr. Ishu Rao, Director of Electrophysiology, Featured in the February issue of YHC magazine. 

The Electrician
of the Heart

YHC Magazine
February 2013

Electrophysiology is the discipline of cardiology that specializes in the treatment of electrical disorders of the heart. The heart can be described as a “house”, with rooms (the four chambers), doors (valves), plumbing (arteries), and an electrical system (the wiring that triggers the pumping activity of the heart). Where cardiologists deal with the plumbing of the heart, an electrophysiologist is “the electrician of the heart” – the specialist who treats abnormal fast and slow heart rhythms.


Dr. Dominic Tedesco, Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery. Named one of Southern California's Top Doctors. 

Southern California’s
Top Doctors

Los Angeles Magazine
January 2013

Physicians Tell Us Which Colleagues They Would Choose

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