Community Memorial Health System Honors Employees

Community Memorial Health System honored 264 employees at its annual Employee Recognition Dinner

Community Memorial Health System honored 264 employees at its annual Employee Recognition Dinner, including five employees with 40 years of service, three with 35 years and nine others who celebrated their 30th anniversary with CMHS.

CMHS recognized scores of employees at the event who together have cared for patients and supported healthcare in a variety of jobs at Community Memorial Hospital and Ojai Valley Community Hospital, as well as throughout CMHS’s twelve Centers for Family Health offices in Ventura County. This year’s awards banquet was held June 13 at the Ventura Beach Marriott.

Guillermo “Memo” Berber, CMH Food Services Central; Priscilla Brennan, OVCH Surgery; Portia Carter, CMH Surgery; Mary Richey, CMH Same Day Surgery; and Paula Roberts in CMH Food Services Central were especially honored for 40 years of service, while Terri Anderson, CMH 5th Floor; Jan Bale, CMH Physiology; and Denise Salinas, CMH Health Information were honored for 35 years.

Kim Baird, CMH Pharmacy; Sharon Cummings, CMH Surgery; Cliff Griffiths, CMH Engineering; Terry Koller, CMH Pathology; Joanie Kruse, CMH Surgery; Janet Moore, CMH Same Day Surgery; Venita Perkins, CMH Ob/Gyn Post Partum; Beverly Rodrigues, CMH Pathology; and Debbie Yanez in CMH Physical Therapy were honored for 30 Years.

Twenty-one employees were recognized for 25 years of service, another twenty employees were recognized for 20 years of service and scores of others were thanked for 15 years, 10 years and 5 years of service to the hospitals and community health centers.

In addition to a welcome by President and CEO Gary Wilde, speakers at the event included Phil Drescher for the Board of Trustees, as well as CMH Chief of Staff, Dr. Tom Golden and OVCH Chief of Staff, Dr. Rochelle Wilson for the respective Medical Staff.

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