CMHS Honors Donors and Volunteers on National Philanthropy Day

Community Memorial Health System selected National Philanthropy Day on Nov. 15 to pay tribute to 31 community members for their outstanding philanthropic and volunteer efforts in support of CMHS.

National Philanthropy Day is a special day set aside to recognize the great contributions that philanthropy and those active in philanthropy have made to our lives, our communities and our world. In 2012 more than 125 communities and 50,000 people around the world participated in National Philanthropy Day events and celebrations. In Ventura, the Association of Fundraising Professionals/Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties Chapter sponsored a luncheon to celebrate and honor outstanding local philanthropists and volunteers at the Ventura Beach Marriott.

Those CMHS paid special recognition to at the luncheon were: Dave Bayer; Claudia and Dr. Neil Canby; Noelle Claeyssons-Burkey; Suzan Cooper; Karen Donovan; Duane Eells; Brenda and Gary Farr; Glen and Karen Farr; Carol Gilbert; Rod Gilbert; John Hammer; Jim and  Tish Harris; Sally and Walter Hartman; Bill and Elise Kearney; Carolyn and Harry Maynard; Jeff Paul; Allan Pinkerton; Barbara and Dr. Marty Pops; Ric Ruffinelli; John and Peggy Russell; and Caryn and Dr. Doug Woodburn.

“Your involvement, whether in volunteering at one of our events or supporting our efforts with a financial gift, makes philanthropy possible, and makes National Philanthropy Day so special and meaningful,” said Mary Schmitz, CMHS’s Director of Development.

Photo Top: Left to Right: Barbara Pops, Elise Kearney, Erin Quinn, Bill Kearney, Rod Gilbert
Photo Bottom Left: Left to Right: David Bayer, Karen Donovan, Suzan Cooper
Photo Bottom Right: Left to Right: Chris Rock, Barbara Pops, Peggy Russell, Erin Quinn, Ric Ruffinelli, Bill Kearney, Elaine Forest

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