CMH Saves Wife and Mother of Three from Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection


“As I lay on the operating
table, this amazing
cardiologist explained I
was going to be okay.”
– Leslie Schmidt


I am your every day mom. I am 37 years old, have an awesome husband and three beautiful children. We love to go camping, have friends over, watch our oldest play baseball every weekend, and feel very blessed to have a great network of family and friends. Everything was wonderful, we had just had a baby and life was beautiful.

Our new baby was delivered via C-section because he was breach. Even though C-sections are common, I was scared because my only sibling died merely hours after a surgery. She had many unforeseen complications and not knowing if my experience would be the same, I couldn’t relax until I was in the recovery room where I could finally hold him. A couple days later, we brought the baby home and I began recovering.

Early one morning the following week, I woke with excruciating pain in my chest, throat and spine. When I stood up, I couldn’t catch my breath. Suddenly, my left arm felt like my bone was breaking from the inside out. I began to panic. I told my husband I thought I was having a heart attack and dialed 911.


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