CMH Robotics Surgical Program Exceeds 1500 Cases

Computed Tomography Accredited Facility

Community Memorial Hospital, home to the most comprehensive robotic surgery program on the Central Coast, has now performed over 1500 surgical cases, offering urology, gynecology, cardiology and general surgery procedures.

The hospital’s surgeons have performed more robotic surgeries in the region than anyone else. Dr. Marc Beaghler, Urologist and board certified surgeon, leads the hospital’s Robotics program, along with a diverse group of specialized robotically trained surgeons.

“CMH has made a consistent commitment to our community to invest in the best technology and patient care,” said Dr. Beaghler. “The Da Vinci Robot is one such technology.”

The Da Vinci robotic device is considered one of the most advanced platforms for minimally invasive surgery, providing opportunities to replace high-impact open cavity surgeries with minimally invasive, nerve-sparing procedures. Such procedures are a growing percentage of all surgeries because they tend to be much less traumatic for patients, with fewer complications (smaller incisions equal fewer chances of infection) and faster recovery.

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