5 Things Every Stroke Hero Should Know

Are You a Stroke Hero?

You don’t need superpowers to be a Stroke Hero. You just need to know the stroke warning signs and the risk factors of stroke. Join the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association in the effort to teach all Americans when to respond fast to a stroke and 5 important facts you should know about stroke:

  1. Stroke risk increases with age, but young adults, children, and even babies in the womb can suffer strokes. If one of your parents had an ischemic stroke before 65, you are at 3X THE RISK of suffering one yourself.
  2. High blood pressure is public enemy #1. About three out of four people who suffer first strokes have high blood pressure.
  3. Anyone can have a stroke, but some are at increased risk. African Americans have nearly twice the risk for a first-ever stroke than Caucasians.
  4. Clot-busting drugs and medical devices have made stroke largely treatable, but every second counts. The faster you are treated, the more likely you are to recover without permanent disability.
  5. Friends usually save friends from stroke. Learn to recognize the warning signs of stroke.

Be Aware, Act Fast, and Call 911 – Learn the Warning Signs


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